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Treating Infertility

Infertility is one of the oldest problems faced by human beings. A basic instinct of any animal is to survive and procreate. Any hindrance to these basic instincts causes huge physical, psychological and social problems. Human beings are no different! Irrespective of the country or race, proving our ability to procreate is an innate urge. […]

With the increasing prevalence of obesity there is an increase in incidence of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer and other medical problems

Lack of sleep resembles a “credit card debt”. As the debt accumulates, you end up paying a huge amount of interest and

Obesity increases risk of cancer, which includes breast, colon, liver, uterus, kidney and rarely gallbladder. Research published in BioMed Central, which is

As the prevalence of type 2 diabetes increases worldwide, we find that more research is undertaken to help people manage their diabetes

You might expect a weight loss blog to only write about food and exercise. However, sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity

I have been getting many calls and emails from my patients with diabetes who are understandably concerned about COVID-19 and their risk,

We are now living in uncertain times. None of us imagined to be in this situation. More than 3 million people have been infected