Top 10 Ways to Provide Your Furry Friend with Mental Enrichment

Top 10 ways to provide your pet with mental nourishment

Pets need mental stimulation just as much as physical exercise. 15 minutes of mental enrichment is equivalent to an hour of physical activity. This can help boost their mental health, improve cognitive function, and may also eliminate destructive behaviours.

There are many ways to provide mental stimulation for your pet, even when you are busy. Some ideas are – You can take them on a scent walk, make them work for their food with slow feeders or lickimats, teach them new tricks, invest in toys like Kongs or snuffle mats, play nose work games, teach them toy names, give them frozen treats, train them to complete an obstacle course, play hide and seek, or take them to obedience classes.

Always remember to be patient and creative when working with your pet, and remember that the end goal is to have fun together and improve their overall well-being, keeping mental nourishment a priority.

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