Top 10 Life Lessons I Learnt at Simplyweight

Top 10 Life Lessons I Learnt at Simplyweight

Starting out as an apprentice, I have learnt many new skills, for both work and life, over the past 3 years. With the direct guidance and support of the Simplyweight management team, I have been provided with a cheat sheet for life and work that I continue to hone and develop 3 years on. It has not always been smooth sailing for me but life isn’t designed to be like that, so now I simply go with the flow! 

I am grateful to be receiving training in skills that will be useful for my career as a digital marketer/designer but even more fortunate to learn the kind of skills people just don’t make the time to teach you, skills that have helped me grow personally as well. With this being my first real job, going to work was a whole new adventure for me. The things I learnt really changed my mentality and looking back I feel like a different person to the one who walked through these doors 3 years ago.


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