Reasons Why Dog Dental Health Is Important

Reasons Why Dog Dental Health Is Important

Regular dental check-ups are crucial for dogs, just like humans. Understanding a dog’s dental system, including 42 teeth with incisors, canines, premolars, and molars, is important for their overall health. Veterinarians may even suggest braces for dogs with teeth or bite issues, usually diagnosed between 4-6 months.

Maintaining dental health in dogs is vital for various reasons. It prevents early tooth loss, eliminates bad breath caused by bacterial accumulation, and keeps periodontal diseases at bay. Signs of periodontal disease include bad breath, excessive drooling, chewing difficulties, and more. Dental health also prevents tooth pain, saves money on future complications, and prevents organ damage caused by bacteria entering the bloodstream.

Furthermore, good dental health prevents pet obesity, as poor chewing capacity can lead to overeating. To maintain a dog’s dental health, brushing with canine toothpaste, using dental powder, dental water additives, changing the diet, and including dental superfoods like kelp, fruits, and vegetables are recommended. Acclimating pets to dental hygiene is a rewarding but time-consuming process that significantly improves their quality of life.

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