4 Endocrine Disorders Causing Weight Gain in Men

4 Endocrine Disorders Causing Weight Gain in Men

Hypogonadism, Cushing’s syndrome, Acromegaly, and Prolactinoma are the four main endocrine disorders causing weight gain in men of all ages. Melatonin can improve endocrine dysfunction related to weight gain by influencing hormone production, including increased testosterone and decreased cortisol and prolactin. Melatonin also aids sperm production and motility while reducing defects. Melatonin has the potential to be a safe supplement which enhances endocrine health and aid weight loss. Symptoms of endocrine disorders include unexplained weight gain, fatigue, libido changes, and joint pain. Treatment involves addressing underlying hormonal imbalances, with interventions like testosterone replacement and cortisol reduction. Lifestyle modifications, including a balanced diet, exercise, weight loss, sufficient sleep, and stress management, are crucial in managing endocrine disorders and weight gain. Early diagnosis and treatment help improve overall health and prevent complications in men with endocrine issues.

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